Motorsport  Timing and Results Service Specialists

We are now able to offer “Live Timing” via the internet at most events. Whether it be from the comfort of your home or from the venue itself keep in touch with how the event is progressing. When live timing is in operation we will place a link on the results and reports page. Click on the link below to take you to the Live Timing website where you can keep completely up to date with the event


Comprehensive service

We are experienced motor sport timing specialists, using the latest in timekeeping technology we can provide a comprehensive service to event organisers. Whatever your requirement, we will assist you. Using our bespoke results package we are also able to provide complete results for your event as soon as the last vehicle has crossed the finishing line, and provide status reports of the event throughout the day. Competitors and organisers are able to keep fully up to date with times and positions throughout the course of the event.

Based in the North West  we regularly visit many venues in the UK. All our equipment is portable to ensure, whatever your venue, we will be able to offer a superb service.

A list of event we have attended are available to view on our Event Results page. Results are in PDF format and may be downloaded at any time.

Our team of highly qualified timekeepers bring with them a wealth of experience in the field of motorsport timing. Whatever your requirements we are able to help.

Using the latest technology we can cover all your needs. The facilities we provide can be tailored exactly to meet the requirements of the venue.

On event options include: Start, a 64ft split and up to five split times over the length of the course leading up to the finish line. A dynamic speed trap display is available. This can be situated at any point on the course to provide instant real time displays to spectators.

High intensity displays showing car number, speed and finish time can be positioned to keep both spectators and organisers fully informed.

Not only do we use state of the art timekkeeping technology, but we also have a team of timekeeprs who understand the needs of both competitor and organiser alike.

At the heart of our system is the acclaimed Microgate Rei2 chronometer. Unrivalled levels of accuracy are possible with this state of the art timing device.

Help and advice from Time Team

Our friendly and experienced timekeepers always strive to ensure you have a successful event and to fulfill your wishes. You can be sure of a great service